Last night around midnight one of my neighbors found what sounded like the Eurovision song contest on-demand. For the Americans out there who aren’t familiar with the contest, it is similar to American (Pop) Idol, but between countries within the European Broadcasting Union. Even if you live in a country that doesn’t compete in the competition, you are probably familiar with at least two of the past contest winners; ABBA and Céline Dion. It is a campy singing contest with a Miss Universe flair, and similar obscurity for the winners.

I live in an old-fashion Chicago-style courtyard building; meaning the building is shaped like a giant horse-shoe, and if so inclined, you can look 25 feet directly across the courtyard and watch neighbors walk around in their skivvies, or worse. (No one that walks around naked is anyone you actually want to see naked. I believe this is a law of Physics.) Along with viewing your neighbors in their altogether the other wonderful feature of a courtyard building is that during the fair weather months when all the windows are open, you can hear all of your neighbors, and those nice close confines mean that the sound echoes beautifully.

Over the course of the spring I assumed that my neighbor was inconsiderate, due to the very loud music he likes to “rock out to” all hours of the day and night. However, due to the subject matter of his viewing last night I have now revised my opinion and think he must be deaf.