For the past two years I’ve been on the job hunt, along with half of the world. Recently I had secured a second interview for a position similar to the one I have, but in a field in which my dad has prestige. It was finally time to call up my descended-from-samurai father and ask for advice.

If my dad wore a kimono and had a katana in hand he would look like myriad samurai woodcut; with an executive style haircut. Full of ire and judgment, so needless to say, he is an imposing type of person. Not really the cuddly dad that plays Barbies with his daughter, but the type that takes her kitten to the humane society because “it displeased him.”

Dad is great at business though, so he was thrilled to be consulted for advice, which was “You’ve got to remain positive, Sumi. WHY YOU SO NEGATIVE!?” He screams into the phone.

Gee dad, I don’t know!