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When I was 4 years old my pre-school teacher was taking attendance and when she got to me she said “Sumi?” and I responded “Sumi isn’t here today, Wonder Woman is here instead!” I then proudly stood up so all the kids could see my Wonder Woman sweater. I then may have tried to pull down my very stylish early 80s corduroy bell bottom pants to show them my Wonder Woman underoos too. If I had a real lasso of truth I probably would have tried to throw it around my pre-school crush to ask him if he would kiss me. Yes, I was that little kid. 

I still am that little kid. Kind of, I guess I grew up recently. 

I am officially an adult now. It wasn’t the speeding ticket I got for my 18th birthday. It wasn’t the super-awesome-mega-happy-partying (I’m Japanese, I’m supposed to like adjectives) I did around my 21st birthday. (I’m totally being facetious, hello I’m Japanese-American, there is no way I was a party girl- would you have been if your dad smiling looks like an angry samurai on the attack?) It wasn’t moving to Scotland to rebel against the aforementioned samurai.

I just got a new job. One of those jobs where people walk around saying things like: “global headquarters,” “vertical integration,” and “benefits.” (I can’t lie, I actually like this last phrase.) It was looking at the employee call list and seeing someone with the last name “Fünke” and not immediately sharing my desire to say “Tobias you blow hard” with any (all) of my co-workers. That is when I realized I was actually an adult. 

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not really that mature; I immediately sent a text message to a former co-worker, and I am posting a blog about it. However, no one can see my child-like grin and hear my snorting through a computer screen.

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