I had a bad year. It was officially over in June of 2012. It wasn’t a calendar year, but a full 365 days; fortunately for me the bad juju didn’t realize that it was a leap year and give me an additional day. Bad break-up, almost dying in a cycling accident, being abandoned at the hospital by a Jack Kerouac-type friend who was so distraught by my accident that he had to go “sort some stuff out in Toronto,” and contracting Mononucleosis like a college freshman who has been licking all the good looking guys in the dorm so as to claim possession of them (not that I got to do this, I just got Mono without having any fun). These are just a few of the larger points (I think I may have also gotten a paper cut) that illustrate why this hasn’t been the most stellar year of my life.


I have come to the conclusion that during my bad year I was spending far too much time reading a subscription to Issues, which is subtitled Dysfunctional Relationships with Men. And although my bad year ended in the middle of June (with a job offer and winning some running shoes; to me, both of these are equally awesome) I hadn’t stopped reading my subscription.


This week I am trading it in.  My pre-accident self participated in marathons and triathlons, so I decided that the best way to stop reading my subscription to Issues was to start reading Triathlete magazine. I am done worrying about, and seeking out, dysfunctional relationships with men.  This next year I am going to concentrate on one man, an IRONMAN. Well, a half, I WAS injured after all.