The first week I was in the dorms at college I received an email from my mom which simply said “The pill keeps you from getting pregnant, condoms keep you from getting everything else.” There is a part of me that is sad that I am slightly too young to have received this as a hand written letter, which is how my older cousins received this message (oh, mom doesn’t discriminate between her children other loved children in her life, and I can’t wait to hear how this message is received when my oldest nephew hears it in another 12 years; I’m rooting for a more awesome version of skype). I would like to have that letter so I could paste it into my baby book next to my name tag from my first day of pre-school. That orange kitty-shaped piece of paper, with “Sumi” clearly printed on it, next to a note from mom about birth control would be a nice way to tie up the loose ends of childhood. And a little reminder on how to keep from having to author a baby book for someone else who screams and cries and craps in a diaper for a few years.